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A Cute, New Game To Unravel

A Cute, New Game To Unravel

Feb 5, 2016

The current trend in the video game industry is getting a little old. A majority of new, popular video games have a plot based on war and assassination. This makes people who are fairly inexperienced in the video game world feel as if they’re too late to the party. Almost all new or upcoming games are building off an existing series, so It’s refreshing to hear about a new release with an original plot. Too many games require getting a team together, either locally or online. Personally, when I desire to play a video game, I’m seeking solitude. I want a fun, one player game to escape in and feel good about. Similar in style to Sony’s Little Big Planet is a game that I may find to be quite enjoyable – called Unravel.

Unravel has been developed by Coldwood Interactive and published by Electronic Arts. The character you play in this quirky, puzzle platform style game is named Yarny. He is an adorable, tomato colored creature. His bodily structure is made of red yarn (that’s why his name is Yarny. Get it?). The player must use the string of his body, in almost any way you can think of, and the general laws of physics to maneuver about and overcome the obstacles of each level. As you progress through a level, your character (Yarny) begins to unravel. To avoid losing yourself (and the level), you must collect clumps of yarn that you will find along the way.

In Unravel, a silent story is told about a family that has drifted apart, through the eyes of this little yarn figure. I say “a silent story” because there is no voice dialogue at any point in the game – only visible flashbacks and musical mood. The ambiance of Unravel is kind of a nostalgic bittersweet. The music is (mostly) serene. According to Unravel’s official website, the artwork in the game was inspired by shots of nature in northern Scandinavia. The game will likely stir emotions of happiness and sadness, similar to a Disney Pixar animated movie.

Unravel looks like it will be a wonderful, heart-felt game. Anyone who would be delighted to participate in this gaming experience only has to wait for a couple more days. Official release is scheduled for February 9, 2016 on the following platforms: XBOX ONE, Microsoft Windows (in other words, PC. Sorry, Apple possee), and Playstation 4.

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