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Armor Games or Miniclip? Which is Better?

Flash-Based Games

Flash based games are games that can be played through your web browser as long as you have a flash player downloaded. The type of the browser does not matter, it can be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox or any other browser. Most of these browsers have the needed software to run these games and if they do not, once you try to open a flash-based game, it will promote a download that will enable you to run the games. This way, you do not have to bother searching for the software yourself.

The Popularity of Flash-Based Games

The reason behind the great popularity of these games is mainly the convenience they provide. You will easily enjoy these games without having to pay and without having to make any downloads. All what you need is an internet connection and a browser. Another reason is the variety. These games offer a great variety of gaming categories such as RPG, Racing, Sports, Puzzles, Strategy, skill, action games and more. Therefore, whatever your taste in games is, you will find it.

Where can you Find These Games?

There are two main websites that are popular that offer these games. These websites are Armor Games and Miniclip Games. The competition and rivalry between these two websites has been going for quite some time. Each of them claims to be the best and you will find plenty of players who take sides in this competition claiming that Miniclip or Armor games is better than the other. After all, gaming is a matter of preference, so it is up to you but we are going to help you out by discussing each one in details to help you make your mind and to decide Armor Games or Miniclip? Which is Better?

Armor Games

Armor Games was known as Games of Gondor. This web site was based in California and it hosts a myriad of flash-based games. This website was founded Daniel McNeely. When the website was still named Games of Gondor, it used to host games that are themed around Lord of The Rings such as Battle for Gondor, Orc Slayer and Hob the Hobbit. Since it changed its name to Armor Games, it started to host different games of different genres. This includes strategy games, sports games, action games and puzzles to name a few.
The games offered at armor Games are either hosted from other developers or they can be developed by the in house development team of Armor Games. The head of Development is John Cooney who is known as “John”. Armor games have a very diverse system of gaming and it has recently started to offer MMO of games.
The website is estimated to have invested more than 300,000 dollars in gaming development. More than fifteen million players on different websites are enjoying armor Games every single day. All of the games are accompanied by simple instructions that allow players to understand the controls of the game and how the game works.

The Different Categories of Armor Games

Players will be able to see the different categories as soon as they visit the website. These games are divided into eight categories. These categories are MMO, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Sports, Shooting, Arcade and Misc.
The popular games include Flight, Armor Mayhem, Exit Path, Infectanator 2, Bush Whacker 2, Achievement Unlocked, Starlight 2, Super Karoshi, Fragger, Amiran, Sonny 2 and Castaway 2 to name a few.

Miniclip Games

Miniclip is an online and a mobile gaming company. The online website of this company was launched in 2001. The website has built a reputation for itself by offering one of the biggest and varied collections of flash-based games on the internet. The capital investment of this website in 2001 was equal forty-thousand dollars when it was founded by Tihan Presbie and Robert Small. It started to grow rapidly until it reached well over twenty million dollars in 2008. The game has a great collection of flash-based games that players can enjoy without any downloads or fees.

Miniclip offers players more than eighty gaming categories and each category has hundreds of games. These categories include Sports, Action, Martial Arts, MMO, Destruction, Dancing & Shows, Education, Arcade, Tennis, Zombie, Tower Defense, Holidays, Hidden Objects and Fighting among others.

Miniclip also offers its games on the mobile platform. The games are compatible with iOS powered devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android powered devices. Players can find out all about that on the Miniclip Games website.

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