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Blogging Advice

Blogging Advice

Feb 17, 2014

blogadviceAdvice on your blog’s host, audience and competitors

If you are managing a blog on behalf of your company and would like to use it for building a stronger online presence and for attracting more potential customers. Before you can do this, you need to ensure you choose the right host platform, but also that you know who your audience is and what blogs you are competing with.


You can find plenty of hosting platforms nowadays. The essential aspect to consider is to start with a free service and, as you build a strong audience, start to invest in premium services. It is important that the platform you choose is created by someone with experience and can be trusted. Always remember that the any downtime of your host will make your blog inaccessible.

Know your audience and competitors

Studying others in the industry to see how they can tackle certain problems is one of the first things you should do when starting your own blog. You need to see how popular blogs in the industry approach a certain problem and you should learn from them if you want to gain popularity. Another way to gain popularity is to buy US Facebook likes USA to really get your Facebook page going in the right direction. A lot of people also buy Facebook status likes to heighten user engagement. Things that you could watch on your competitor’s blogs and social media pages include the length of their post, the way they present information and also the type of language used and the interaction with their users.

Although everyone fights for fame and success in the blogging industry, it is not uncommon for bloggers to engage in mutual promotion agreements through link exchange. If possible, try finding similar blogs and reach such an understanding. This will result in more traffic for your posts and an increased popularity.

All in all, as long as you post high quality content on a regular basis and follow these simple rules, your blog will become more and more popular.

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