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Buying and Selling Xbox 360 Online

Buying and Selling Xbox 360 Online

Aug 24, 2013

Buying and Selling Xbox 360 Online

The Xbox 360 is considered to be the 2nd video gaming console that was designed by Microsoft and it is the successor of the Xbox. This gaming console competes with other big names in the gaming console industry such as the Wii by Nintendo, the PlayStation 3 by Sony and other 7th generation consoles. According to numbers, as of the 31st of March of 2013, 77.2 million units were sold around the world. All of this shows that the Xbox 360 is a real commodity on the market and that it took the market by storm upon its debut.

Buying Xbox 360 Online:

Due to its popularity, and as a result of the shortage of units that are shipped worldwide, finding an Xbox 360 unit at a local store can be quite hard. This is why the best way is to go online in search for hot Xbox deals. Here is a simple guide that can help you buy an Xbox 360 online:

1) Looking at the package of the Xbox 360 unit that is offered, check if the package just contains the basic setup or does it come with Xbox games and extra controllers. This is important, especially if you are buying it for a friend or a family member, as you will have to get some games with the Xbox 360 alongside some additional controllers for future use. The best thing is that some of these packages can come quite cheap when compared to what is included in the package. So do your best in order to find that ideal package as there are many Xbox 360 deals that can be found with a simple search.

2) There are online communities such as Craigslist. These can be looked upon as great venues where you can find a cheap Xbox 360. You have to make sure that you find someone who lives close to you, so you do not have to drive across the country to get the Xbox or pay for shipping. It will also be quite useful if he lives close by so you can easily reach him if the product is not to your satisfaction. The safest way to deal with people on Craigslist is to use a cash transaction and asking for a receipt bill that has a signature on it. Of course, it is important to know that Craigslist is not going to hold the seller accountable if anything goes wrong, unlike other websites such as eBay.

3) If you are going to buy the Xbox from online auction sites like eBay, you have to pay attention to a few things. You have to check the profile of the person who is selling the Xbox, check their feedback and their history. If he has a good feedback, then you can go forward with the purchase, as this feedback will guarantee you that the product will be delivered and that he might even provide you with good customer service after you purchase it. You should also check his history to see the number of transactions he has done, the higher the number of the transactions, the safer it is to purchase it from him. There are many other online auction websites like eBay, but eBay is the most popular one.

4) You have to document everything, every step of the way. Anything that is related to the online transaction, make sure to document it. This includes phone numbers, addresses, names, website URL and the receipt alongside anything else that can help you identify the seller.

5) You will probably come across many online stores that have cheap Xbox 360 listed. You have to remember that if an Xbox deal is too good and too cheap to be true, it is probably is not true. It is also known that people sell their Xbox a little cheaper than its price to get a quick sale, but you have to know why the seller is selling the Xbox, is it your right as a buyer.

Selling Xbox 360 Online:

There are many reasons that can make any sell their Xbox, whether a new one or a used one. For example, some people are just not into console gaming while others do not have the time, and if they get an Xbox as a gift, they will be inclined to sell it for a quick buck rather than keeping it and not using it.

Whether it is a used Xbox or a new Xbox that you want to sell, you will find plenty of options when it comes to selling it online. For example, you can put it up on auction sites like eBay. You will specify a starting bid and people will start bidding on it to buy it, just like a real auction. The thing is you have to have an account that has good feedback because people will feel safer purchasing your product that way. Therefore, if you do not have an account with a good transaction history and feedback, you might find it hard to sell. Of course, every problem comes with a solution, for this problem, you can pay an experienced eBay seller to list the Xbox on his account.

People who are looking to buy an Xbox online will be looking for a cheap one, so make sure you beat other prices online so people buy yours. You also have to make sure to list it in the right category so people can find it while browsing that category.

Another option is to list it on any of the community websites such as Craigslist. You also should think of placing the listing in the Craigslist that is dedicated to your city, if there is one. For example, if you live in Vancouver, you can list in on the Craigslist Vancouver website. You will not face the problem of feedback or transaction history like eBay, so it might be a lot easier to sell it on an online community website.

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