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Call of Duty Black Ops

Call of Duty Black Ops

Jun 16, 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops

An overview:

After the great success of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare II and while everyone was waiting for Modern Warfare III, Teyarch hit us with Black Ops. Me, among many other people were disappointed because we wanted to play MW3 so bad but like any other CoD fan, I decided to give it a try, and boy was I surprised. Treyarch successfully created a line of games in an already existing line of games because now you have the MW series that follows a certain storyline, and Black Ops that follows another.  Without a doubt everyone is waiting for the release of Black Ops II which is planned to be released on 11.13.2012.

Single Player Mode:

The single player campaign on Black Ops follows a very original and an interesting story. The Main character is named Mason who is captured and is being interrogated about the “NUMBERS”, so get used to hearing  a lot of questions like, “what are the numbers Mason?” and “ What do the numbers mean Mason?”. It is filled with surprising twists that get revealed near the end of the campaign that will leave you with your jaw opened. During the campaign you will meet an old character from Call of Duty II, Reznov the Crazy Russian. The events take place when JFK was president of the United States. Also it is known that all CoD campaigns are rather short but Black Ops is the opposite, it is long and enjoyable on every level. As for the Multi Player mode, it is not that different from MW2, the only difference is the new maps, the new guns and the new perks it presents.

Zombies Attack:

Now it is time to talk about one of the best modes of all time, Zombies. If you remember in MW2, there was a mode at the end, “the museum” where all the statues came back to life when you push the red button; this is not like that at all, it’s 100x times better. It can be played offline and it can be played online. In this mode you fight off endless waves of the undead zombies. If you play it online you will be in a team consisting of four people, all tasked with reaching the highest level you can. The whole environment is amazing. One of the best maps is Kino Der Toten and Five. In Five you actually play with Fidel Castro, Robert McNamara, Richard Nixon and JFK to fight off zombies in the Pentagon. This mode is filled with amazing perks and new guns that you will not see in the single player mode.


I tip my hat to Treyarch for making this. It will definitely be a successful series. It will easily score 5/5 ratings in my book. As for Black Ops II, there hasn’t been much about it, but from the teaser they released it takes place in the future, where the U.S gets invaded.  The “enemy” uses the defense system of the United States to cause harm to the U.S.  So, it should be fun. We all hope it does have a Zombie mode.

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