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Can You Crowdsource a Marriage?

Can You Crowdsource a Marriage?

May 26, 2013

Crowdsourcing is a very simple concept that is available to people thanks to the internet. The idea of Crowdsourcing was first targeted by entrepreneurs and developers or directors who are looking forward to execute a certain project but faced a problem with the funding. In order to overcome this obstacle, they would post their project on one of the many Crowdsourcing websites such as GoFundMe.com, kickstarter.com and Fundeverything.com. They would lay out their project and people from around the world would donate to make the project happen.

Celebrities and Crowdsourcing

This concept has started to be approached by celebrities as well. For example, Veronica Mars led a very successful Kickstarter campaign recently that managed to even surpass its goal for a Veronica Mars movie. Zack Braff is also leading a very successful campaign on the same website, Kickstarter. The point is, Crowdsourcing can be used by anyone, including unknown developers as well as celebrities.

Normal People Like You and Me

These projects can also include simple people who are looking to raise funds to overcome a certain obstacle. This includes projects that raise funds for medical treatments, weddings, honeymoons, wishes and dreams among other things.

For example, there is a Crowdsourcing project at GoFundMe.com about a man from Egypt who is trying to overcome the obstacles in order to marry his girl. As the project states, according to the traditions of Egypt, the man will have to buy an apartment before proposing, so he needs help raising the amount of money that he is missing.

This is only one of the many projects of this nature that can be found online, there are hundreds of touching stories that the internet Crowdsourcing community is funding.

Types of Crowdsourcing Websites

Like anything, there are numerous types of websites, each one has its own rules. For example, Kickstarter only funds projects that reached their goals. Each project will set a goal at the beginning, it can exceed the goal but if the project does not reach the goal, they will not be paid and the backers will get their money back.

There are other websites such as Gofundme.com and Fundanything.com that would pay whatever funding the campaign succeeded in earning.

Advantages of Crowd Funding

There are numerous advantages of crowd funding, this is why it is being approached by a lot of people. These advantages include:

– The ability to reach a huge crowd of potential backers through the world wide web.

– You can do it for free and you will not pay for anything unless you get funded, and only then will the website take a fee from what you have raised.

– You can create and setup the campaign in the matter of minutes without any extra fees or charges.

– The ability to share your campaign with your friends via Twitter and Facebook along other social networking tools so you can reach out to more people.

These are only some of the countless advantages that Crowdsourcing offers.


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