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Casino Online Games

Casino – Online Games

Many of our Australian, Canadian US Casino players and UK readers have asked when we will start taking a look at some of the casino games that are available in their markets. Because of the overwhelming response regarding the matter of online gambling and casino apps, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the websites that specialize in reviewing casino games and reviewing casinos. Hopefully that will satisfy those readers that expressed an interest in the topic. While our site typically looks at console games, tv games and pc games, we also recognize that there’s a large part of the community that enjoys casino gaming. While real wager casino gaming is not available in all areas; there has of late, been an increase in free casino gaming made available. This is an obvious move by many of the online gaming companies to prepare for when the United States becomes completely clear about their gambling laws. Some of the companies that are already offering free casino games are Zynga, Jackpot City, several companies on Facebook and Party Gaming.

Get to the Bonuses

The first topic of discussion on anyone’s mind will always be if the games at the casino payoff.  The next thing that helps a player to decide on a casino to play at is a high value, lower risk casino bonus.  Nearly all casinos offer a welcome bonus.  (“Jackpot Casino Bonus”) It could be anything from a large sum of cash and free spins to the promise of a no deposit bonus.  The thing that you probably won’t find on most websites is that while the casinos offer great upfront bonuses, they also offer even better, exclusive bonuses with their partners or affiliates.  A really good example of this is that the Jackpot City Casino standard bonus is now around €£$500.  However, we were able to arrange one of the aforementioned exclusive bonuses to demonstrate that they do in fact exist.  The bonus we were able to secure is £€$ 1600 and 30 free spins.  These exclusive bonuses are out there and players that are new to online casinos might not necessarily have access to these great deals simply because they don’t do the research.

The players that most often take advantage of these exclusive bonuses generally do a great deal of research to find the most value for their money and their time.

Another reason new players should investigate the best value and bonus for their gambling games gaming experience is that sometimes casinos will have a great offer, but completely forget to update their campaigns and affiliate’s banners.  So sometimes hiding behind an outdated offer is quite a nice and more substantial bonus.  One very clear example of this can be found on this mobile casino website.  If you look at the offering from Gaming Club, it is much different from the advertised bonus, when you click on the banner, link etc..  On the aforementioned website you should find that a better bonus is available.  While the advertised bonus is 100% matching bonus, it in actuality also comes with thirty free spins.

Online Gambling Guide

Online gambling history dates back to 1994 in the Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean nation. This nation has passed an act that facilitated the existence of online casinos that offer online gambling services to customers. This act was the Free Trade & Processing act. It facilitated this by allowing the authorities to issue licenses to different applying organizations and online casinos. The first ever functional online gambling software was designed and developed by the software developing company that is based in Isle of Man, Microgaming. Microgaming is now one of the leading and most acknowledged names in the online gambling industry. This software was then made safe and secured by another leading software developer in the industry, Cryptologic.

One of the main regulatory organizations in the industry was established two years after that, this organization is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This organization and authority regulated and monitored the different internet gambling activities from the jurisdiction of Kahnawake and it issued different licenses to some of the top internet casino and poker websites in the industry.

Horse Racing Betting

There are many forms of online gambling. Online gambling does not only include card games, poker games and slots as it also includes sports betting and horse racing betting. In short, online gambling would offer online gamblers any kind of gambling that they can find at any land based casino or bookmaker. Actually, many of the leading bookmakers made a presence for themselves on the internet to cater to the horseracing and sports betting needs of gamblers. One of these leading names is William Hill.

Online Horse Racing betting provides online gamblers with all of the gambling opportunities they can find at a land-based bookmaker. They will place their bets online on the horses they want. They can choose winners or they can choose certain horses to finish in certain positions. Players can place bets on real racing events that they can even watch live on the website as they place their bets or they can place bets on virtual races that are run by the online website.

Mobile Gambling

With the technology available these days, almost everyone is moving around carrying a smart phone or a tablet. Online casinos realized that if they start offering their services on these phones and tablets, they will open a brand new and a lucrative market. This is why these casinos started to develop apps that would allow users to turn their smart phones into mini casinos that they can carry in their pockets. These apps allow them to enjoy any kind of gambling wherever they are and whenever. Players can enjoy all sorts of gambling. They can enjoy poker games, slot machines, blackjack, table games, specialty games, sports betting and horse racing betting.

The mobile gambling market was expected to skyrocket and it lived up to the hype. In 2005, a research company called Jupiter Research estimated that mobile gambling worldwide would be able to generate over 19.3 billion dollars by the year 2009.  Gartner analysts stated that in 2009, the worldwide revenues of mobile gambling reached 4.7 billion dollars and expected it to reach 5.6 billion dollars in the following year.

Online Poker

Online Poker is a poker game that can be played over the web. Online poker allows players to compete with other players in different versions of poker while sitting in the comfort of their own home. It is estimated that online poker helped with the increase of the number of players around the world.

Online Casinos

The online casino is the main venue that provides internet-gambling services. Players will register at these casinos and make a deposit. This deposit will then be turned into casino credit that players can use to make wagers on the different games on the online casino. There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet with new casinos being established every day. This is why players have to choose carefully and choose a casino that is regulated and audited by known auditing agencies such as the eCOGRA or TST. Some of the recommended names for online casinos Canada  are Jackpot City Casino, Lucky Nugget Casino, Gaming Club Casino, William Hill Casino and Party Casino.


Bingo is a well-known social game that is played in bingo halls where players pay for their ticket and an admission fee in order to join a game of bingo. Due to the popularity of this game, online casinos started to offer it as a gambling service as well as bingo Rooms that are dedicated to Bingo. Online bingo has a procedure that resembles land-based bingo to a great extent. Players will purchase cards and a caller will start to call the numbers. Players will be rewarded according to the winning patterns.


Lotteries are usually run by governments or states. The very first lotteries to be conducted online were managed by private companies or individuals and they were licensed to legally operate by small states or countries. Most of the online lotteries have been shut down because governments started to issue new laws that banned these lotteries and gave the state lotteries more protection.

UK National Lottery

The National Lottery of the United Kingdom was conducted for the first time in 1994 and it was ran and operated by the Camelot Group. According to studies, over seventy percent of the adult population in the United Kingdom have bought a ticket in the National Lottery.


Where is Online Gambling Legal?

Online gambling is not legal in every country around the world. It depends on the rules and regulations of each country regarding online gambling. For example, some countries would allow gambling operators to offer their services if they are located off shore and some ban all kinds of online gambling, whether offshore or onshore.

Germany (Schleswig Holstein):

The only state in Germany that allows online gambling is the state of Schleswig Holstein. This state managed to create its own online gambling bill that allows internet gambling. The rest of the German states abide by the German Interstate Treaty that became active on the 1st of January of 2008. This treaty bans all kinds of internet gaming or betting in the states that abide by the treaty.


The government of Australia passed a gambling law, the Interactive Gambling Act in 2001, also referred to as the IGA.  This act was aiming to protect Australians from the effects of gambling. It prevents gambling services to be offered to people who are physically present in the country but it does not prevent players from playing casino games or poker online. As for sports betting, it is completely legal in all of its forms in Australia.


France started to propose new bills and laws that would tax and regulate online gambling. This happened on the 5th of March of 2009. Instead of prohibiting online gambling and banning the websites, they suggested regulating and taxing the websites that are willing to abide by the social and public order.


The law that deals with gambling in Israel is the Penal Law 5737 – 1977. This law does not directly address online gambling as it states that playing land based games that depend on chance and land based gambling are prohibited by law except for the Israel Lottery.

United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom regulates and taxes online gambling operators in order for them to offer their gambling services in the country. These activities are monitored by the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom. This commission ensures that all parties involved are abiding by the guidelines of the bill.

United States:

Online gambling in the United States is addressed according to the laws of each state. For example, in 2010, the state of New Jersey became the first ever US body to succeed in passing a bill that would legalize certain types of internet gambling. This bill legalizes casino games, poker games and slot machines but it did not legalize betting on sports.

Mobile Gambling is very popular now

As was mentioned above, mobile gambling is the biggest thing in the online gambling industry. This is why online casinos are racing time and each other to provide apps that would allow players to enjoy their games on their mobiles. These apps are compatible with almost every smart phone and tablet device out there. This includes iOS powered devices (iPads, iPhones and iPods), Android devices, Blackberry and Windows Phones.

Gambling with Smart Phones and Devices after a Simple Download

Are you bored and cannot think of anything to do while living in the United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada? Not anymore, as there is so much more to do then one might realize here are several types of online gambling, online casinos, gambling apps, and casino apps for mobile devices. With many to choose from you, e word boredom will no longer be in your vocabulary.

As you can play many games with real betting if chosen and a lot of fun all in one. No matter the time or the place you will find that all of these online or applications can be played year round never shuts for any reason and you may play twenty-four hours a day / seven days a week. Once the applications are on the mobile phones that have the capacity to play online then you are set-up and ready to go. Most carriers do not charge to download onto the mobile service. However, anyone playing on their mobile phones should check that their carrier making sure that the carriers of the individual phone services would not charge as well.

William Hill Mobile App

William Hill Mobile App, founded in the early years of 1934 with a popular and best-known name when it came to gambling. In the beginning, the William Hill Mobile App, started with providing the well-known gaming and betting services through use of the internet, the phone, and on the high street.

In the year of 2002, the William Hill became listed onto the London Stock Exchange or the WMH.L, and helped the town out with employing over sixteen-thousand and six-hundred people as they grew so did the job industry in the United Kingdom and four other countries such as, Ireland, Bulgaria, Israel, and Gibraltar. Stating that they wanted to give all customers the enjoyment they deserved and wanted. Once stated they decided to extend their market-leading name to the generation of customers around the world while using the mobile app, telephone, and internet.

The William Hill’s has set out to make sure their key facts about them stand out and these would be the change in the year of 2008 by becoming the leading European online gaming while opened seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. Adding bets online from over one-hundred and eight countries with three-hundred fifty-thousand markets playing and the new gaming website built just for their customers. This being that the websites owned by William Hill offer not only skill games, or sports betting, no they added and now offer casino, poker and bingo games along with several other progressive jackpot games offering well over £1 million.

Jackpot City Mobile App

As the Jackpot City Casino says, “If there is any city you are going to visit, make sure it is Jackpot City”. This statement is right on. The games at Jackpot City are endless, as is the playing the game until the person themselves are ready to stop playing. The Jackpot City application offers endless fun and payouts are easy to get from the casino. Known to have relentless payouts, shows that the winning never ends. Jackpot City has over twenty games all ranging from all the time favorite slots, table games, Roulette, Craps, and so much more.

With the casinos large array of popular and winning casino games, it ends with you to become one of the hundreds of people whom won money many times from Jackpot City Casino App. Adding to some of the best payouts the great customer services and a fun gambling experience. Wondering how you get good customer service through the mobile device in your hand, simple remember it may be a game site but there is several people to help you and will be behind the scenes making sure if you need help or anything at all you can chat free.

Party Casino App

Wanting more colors and animation then this is the application for you. Every app is colorful and busy, but a little kick is what Party Casino App offers their customers. Additionally, this considered a newbie as they have only been around for the past five to six years. However, new they are you will be playing the entertainment offer and the newest popular games. The casino also has well over two-hundred games to play but each week the site is adding a new game to the app for their customers to pick and play from several different venues.

Party Casino application has several different games to play with their extra promotions and VIP Rewards you cannot lose. Try it and when you do the instant play and games are many, however, no matter how many games a gambling app offers you need to be sure you really know and understand the games you are betting on so you may just be the next big winner.

Winner Casino Mobile App

Yet another newbie on the applications is the Winner Casino Mobile App. Their games just started launching recently with five to ten games at this time to offer their players. The chances of winning are higher as the least amount of games will normally have fewer players and more winners. Their mobile phone casino games are Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, and Gold Rally slot game.

The games are all playable within play money mode and real money so their customers can win real money with playing the casino on their mobile.

Lucky Nugget Mobile Casino App

The online casino Lucky Nugget has decided to stretch its internet games and boundaries to make the casino more accessible and more active on various smart phones. The app released so everyone can play at the Lucky Nugget Casino on all his or her smart phones and devices.

The Lucky Nugget Mobile Casino App has over twenty-two games and growing along with free money with a hundred-percent matching bonus. This is a great way to start out and enjoy the fun while playing the games on your mobile app.

River Belle Mobile Casino App

Everyone needs the place to play when wanting great games, good reputation, and speed of payment, customer service, and games to select. The online casino for River Belle had and now has more players as the casino online converted with the River Belle Casino Mobile App. The establishment itself was popular in the year of 1997 later going online and now added a great mobile app to boost.

The River Belle Casino App has a library of over three-hundred and fifty games. One of the highest amounts you will find while looking for the right mobile casino. This is a world renowned casino with the world’s respected online casino. No matter what game you want to play on your applications, it is not hard to play the game you want, however, you do have over three-hundred and fifty plus games to find the one you want.

Gaming Club Mobile App

Collect your free gaming club bonus right away when you sign up and sign in to play the games on Gaming Club Casino Mobile App. Now that mobile gaming has become so popular so are many casinos as they are helping to get the apps out for people whom have smart phones or smart devices.

Gaming Club Casino Mobile App has the same software behind online casinos and that now them to offer the same corners of gambling games on the applications that you can play. From poker, slots, bingo, and card games right on your mobile smart apps as Gaming Club Mobile Apps offers.

BET365 Mobile App

While playing the app to Bet365 Mobile the fun has just begun. However, if by any reason you cannot use the Web App then you can simply go to the site and play your favorite games. Bet365 is on the move with a on the move bonus after you make the first bet from the smart device used. Imagine placing and playing only one bet and you will receive one-hundred-percent bonus given to the new customers. Bet365, is updating their prices constantly, however, do understand that many of the bets are on races, from several animals.

Mr. Green Apple App

Considered the coolest casino around; depending solely on ones likes and dislikes. Mr. Green App had all the most played, enjoyed, and liked games on the app, making sure that the players whom played the said games online is now available no matter where you are. Mr. Green is still building up their games with the smart devices in order to allow all players to continue being a part of a growing library of games.

Playing Casinos by the use of smart phones

From all the information above, you the player of games through casinos or with smart devices have grown. Making it much easier as many people either live in a town without casinos and with the casinos opening up their games to people with smart devices allows everyone to be able to enjoy the games as much as they do in live casinos.

When signing up for the casino apps are sure that you understand there are many casinos that may look free to play any game yet they are not free. Additionally, never give out your credit card or payment method to anyone while online gambling. Obviously, casinos will need information to allow you to play the games. Online gambling is self-instructed just as you get the casino gambling apps the casinos will also give you the same instructions for safe gambling, signs of gambling issues, and how to gamble correctly.

Never use bill money to play casinos gambling games as it is much easier now that it is downloadable to the smart device. All you need is sign into the website or as mentioned download the casinos of choice to your smart devices.

Although, it is a casino there are hundreds of free games online or application downloaded. Playing these free games or tutorial games is not going to be free forever. This is why you must have a verified payment method in case you run out of free play time. The free trials are also the easiest way to learn how to play better. Everyone could use a warm-up before taking on the slots off your smart phones and devices.

Gambling Funds and Gambling Transfers

In order for players to start enjoying online casino gambling, they will have to make a deposit and transfer funds from their bank accounts to the online venue. This can be made through wire transfer, credit card, certified check or electronic check among other forms of payments.

Due to the popularity of online gambling, there are more modern ways that allow players to easily transfer money from and to their bank accounts safely and securely. They are called e-wallets. These e-wallets include Moneybookers (will soon be called Skrill), Paypal and Entropay among other e-wallets.

Due to the sensitivity of banking information, players are advised to only play at casinos that are well reputed for their safety and security.

Resource Guide for Online Gambling

The Arizona Department of Gaming can be reached here: (“Arizona Department of Gaming”)
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The Illinois Gaming Board and more info on The Riverboat Gambling Act of that State can be located at the following url: (“Illinois Gaming Board”)
Locating online gambling information or to find a casino in Indiana is made easy using the Indiana Gaming Commission’s website located here : (“Indiana Gaming Commission”)
Iowa also has a regulating body for gambling, The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Their website offers extensive amounts of statistical information and can be located here: (“Iowa Gaming Board”)
The 2012 Statute regarding forms of gambling in Kansas is located here (“Kansas State Legislature”) and other rules and regulations from the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission can be located at this address: (“Kansas Racing and Gaming
Commission’s Website”)

Louisiana’s Gaming Control Board can be found by following this link: (“Department of Public Safety and Corrections”)
All forms of Gambling for the State of Maine, including rules, applications and board meetings can be found here: (“Gambling Control Board”)
Information from the State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency of Maryland can be ascertained via this link (“Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency”)
The Michigan Gaming Control Board is the regulating body for Gambling in Michigan. More information can be found here: (“Michigan Gaming Control Board”)
Mississippi has a long history of gambling in their state. The Gaming Commission of Mississippi can be located both here (“Mississippi Gaming Commission”)
and at this address: (“Official Website of The Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC)

The Missouri Gaming Commission can be located here: (“Missouri Gaming Commission”)
One of the largest regulating bodies for gambling and online gambling is the National Indian Gaming Commission which can be visited at this url: (“National Indian Gaming Commission”)
You can get more information about Nevada’s laws on gambling and online gambling at their State Gaming Control and Commission website : (“Nevada Gaming Commission”)
New Jersey’s gambling is regulated by the Casino Control Commission of the State of New Jersey: (“New Jersey Casino Control Commission”)
The State of New Mexico has a Gaming Control Board which meets regularly. The regulating body was founded in 1997 and more info can be located here (“State of New Mexico Gaming Control Board”)
The Gaming Control Board of Pennsylvania is located here: (“Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board”)
The South Dakota Commission on Gaming is located here: (“South Dakota Commission on Gaming”)
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European Gaming Boards and Gaming Authorities:

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Gaming Board of Hungary: (“European Commission – Hungary”)
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Australian Gaming Boards and Gaming Authorities:

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Canadian Provinces Gaming Boards and Gaming Authorities:

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website is offered in both English: (“Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario”) and in French: (“Gaming Commission of Ontario in French”)
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Online Casinos Bonuses

Jackpot City “Jackpot City Online Casino.” Jackpot City Casino Online. Microgaming, Web. 01 Jan 2013. <€£$1600 30 Free Spins from Jackpot City>.

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