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Deadpool — A Classic Hero With A Modern Twist

Deadpool — A Classic Hero With A Modern Twist

Jan 22, 2016

For super hero fans, February 12, 2016 could not arrive soon enough. That’s when Deadpool will finally be released to view on the big screens in the United States.

Deadpool brings to life the story of a man named Wade Wilson, a cancer-stricken Special Forces operative who volunteered to take part in a sketchy experiment in an attempt to be cured. Wade Wilson walked from the lab with the ability to heal his body at an extraordinary rate. Once the experiment has made its mark, Wade learns that the love of his life is in danger. His gift of quick healing helps give him an upper hand in front-line combat on his mission to protect his lady.

Marvel is famous for offering the world timeless stories of ordinary people, often with troubled pasts, gaining superhuman abilities as a result of science experiments and unfortunate events. He has the suit, powers, and an eye for a lady in trouble. While Deadpool holds a place in the category of “superhero”, fans have found that he doesn’t quite fit into the mold of your typical comical life-saver. His costume may hold a resemblance to Marvel’s“friendly neighborhood” Spider Man, but the two have very little in common. Deadpool stands out by shamelessly throwing outlandishly crude insults to his enemies as he gruesomely defeats them.

Each Marvel superhero began as a comic book character – Deadpool being no different. At first, he was one of several characters in The New Mutants beginning February, 1991. The components of his character became increasingly appealing to the American audience, resulting in an increase of appearances in the Marvel world. He made appearances in the comic book X-Force and was the main focus of a series named The Circle Chase. In 1997, his popularity justified his very own title, Deadpool.

Unlike his fellow heroes who are shining stars in the cinematic world, his film can only be viewed in theaters by fans who quality for admission to adult-oriented movies. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave Deadpool an R rating for strong violence, language, sexual content, and graphic nudity. Despite this restriction, appeals to a vast audience. His wit will entertain those who enjoy the most offensive jokes, the film’s action excites thrill-seekers, and the Marvel association will draw the attention of Americana enthusiasts.

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