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Online Gaming Terminology

With the emergence of the internet and online gaming, players started to make up their own language by using different acronyms, slang phrases and abbreviations. They use it to express their physical condition, opinions, emotions & thoughts. This is why if you are a new player, or as they call it “Newb” you will feel lost as these players talk to each other. So in order to help you out, we have decided to write this article which consists of some of the commonly used acronyms and phrases that online gamers use while playing.

– Acronyms that are used to describe the Physical condition of players:

Before stating the glossary, it is important to note that online gamers tend to overstate what they feel.

LOL: It is used as an abbreviation to “Laughing Out Loud”. It is usually the response to a joke or a funny statement and it can be used sarcastically as well. Of course, in real life, they will not be laughing loudly but they will simply smile or chuckle quietly.

ROFL: it is used as an abbreviation for “Rolling on the Floor Laughing”. It indicates more enjoyment than “LOL”, of course same as the last one, it is overstating because if players were actually rolling on the floor, they will not be able to use the keyboard to type it.

LMAO: It stands for Laughing My Ass Out, which also indicates hilarious laughter.

LMFAO: It is a derivative of LMAO with the addition of the F which can stand for Fat so it translates to Laughing My Fat Ass Out

ROFLMAO: This is a mix between ROFL and LMAO and it is used to indicate that players are overwhelmed by the joke or the funny thing that other players said. It stands for “Rolling on the Floor Laughing My Ass Off”. In shows that the player is collapsing into a laughing frenzy.

– Acronyms that are used to express congratulations, achievement and approval:

Woot: It indicates celebration and surprise. For example: “Woot, we finally won”.

FTW: It stands for “For the Win” and it shows approval. For example: “Getting these wyverns was the best decision, Wyverns FTW!”

Ding: It is used to celebrate reaching a new level in any game; it resembles the sound that the game makes when you achieve such level. Of course, only new players would keep saying Ding when they reach low levels, it is frowned upon. You can say Ding to celebrate high levels or if you have reached the ultimate level.

Gratz: Gratz is used to congratulate people, it is derived from grats. For example: “Gratz on beating the dragon”. Some players get carried away with using the Z letter and they say gratzzz or gratzzzzzzzzz.

WTG: It stands for “Way to Go” which shows approval of what the other player did. For example” You destroyed their village, WTG man”.

PWNED or PWN: What started as a typo as it was meant to be typed “Own” or “Owned” has become an online slang. Players use it to humiliate players they just defeated. For example, “I PWNED you”.

– Acronyms that are used to express concern and dismay:

WTF: This is one of the most commonly used slang, even among non-gamers. It stands for “What the F***” In the gaming world, it indicates an alarming confusion. For example “WTF, what the heck happened there” or “WTF, how did we lose the fight?

OMG: It stands for Oh My God, OH My Gosh or Oh My Goodness. This term is used in moments where players want to express their shock and surprise to an event that just happened, whether a good or a bad one. For example “OMG, I didn’t think we can win” or “OMG, how did they get there so fast?”

ZOMG: It is the leet version of OMG; basically, adding a Z at the end or at the beginning of a word makes it leet. Like WTFZ and ZOMG.

STFU: It stands for Shut the Fu** Up, it is really self-explanatory.

JK or J/K: It stands for Just Kidding. It is used to show that the previous statement was a joke. Like, OMG, I will team kill you, then you say, J/K.

IAMF: It stands for It is all my Fault. It is used to confess that it was your mistake. For example “OMG, I screwed this up, IAMF”.

– Acronyms that are used when someone is leaving his computer”

While playing at the computer, occasionally, players will need to go to the bathroom, eat or go somewhere and leave the computer. If they are in the middle of the game, it is vital to inform the team that you are not here. There are different acronyms that are used in that situation, they include:

RL: Real Life which means that you have to attend to something in real life.

BRB: Stands for Be Right Back which means that you will not be away for long.

AFK: Away from Keyboard, it means that you are not at the computer and you do not know when you are going to be back

TTYL: It stands for Talk to you later, which is said to anyone who is leaving

TYT: it stands for Take Your Time which is also said to someone who said that he will be gone for a while.

WB: It stands for Welcome Back. It is used to greet players who came back from a break.

BBL: It stands for Be Back Later which is self-explanatory.

– Acronyms that are used in common chat:

ATM: No, it does not stand for the ATM machine; it stands for “At the Moment”. For example “ATM, I do not have any anti air units”.

OTW: It stands for “On the way”; it can be used when a team member needs your help. For example, “I am OTW to your base”.

BTW: It stands for “By the Way”. For example, “BTW, I think I will get a blade master and not a DH”.

NVM: It stands for Never Mind. For example, “NVM, I will do it myself”

TY: It is used to thank someone for what he did as it stands for Thank You.

TYVM: You can use it to really thank someone as it translates to Thank You Very Much.

NP: When someone thanks you or says TY or TYVM, it is common courtesy to respond with NP, which stands for No Problem.

Also, during team play, depending on your character class and type, you will use certain terms to describe the state that your character is in, these terms include:

OOE:  If you are using a Fighting class or a melee class character, it can go out of Endurance and this is exactly what this term stands for “Out Of Endurance”

OOP: If you are playing with a caster or a healer class character, it means that the character requires mana or power to cast the spells. If it runs out of mana or power, you have to state it to the teammates. OOP is the correct term to use as it stands for Out of Power or you can use OOM, which means Out of mana.

OOC: Some characters require “Concentration” to carry on its tasks. To indicate that your character is out of concentration, you can use this term “OOC” to indicate that your concentration pool is empty and that you need to rest and regroup.

RTG: When the character has rested and you are ready to go back into battle, you say “RTG” which means “Ready to Go”. Some players use GTG “got to go” or “good to go” but it can be quite confusing because GTG can also mean “got to go” and log off the game.

Cuz: it is used as an abbreviation to Because. For example, “I didn’t get the gold cuz he overtook my gold mine”.

IIRC: It is used to show wisdom and experience, it stands for “If I Recall Correctly”. For example, “IIRC, this is not how you kill the dragon.

FWIW: It is used to state that the statement that another player gave was wrong and to state their own flawless opinion. It stands for “For What It is Worth”. For example, FWIT, this is not how you kill the fire golem.

IDK: If you do not know the answer to something, it is better to say it. IDK stands for I Do not Know.

– Acronyms that are used to refer to loot:

Phat Lewts: It indicates that there is nice loot with nice gear on the floor. Phat Lewtz stands for Fat Loot.

BoE: A term that refers to the drops on the ground, it indicates that anyone can grab them to sell them, give them away or use them.

BoP: It refers to loot drops that are bound as soon as you pick them up. They become soul bound to the character. This is why you should ask if anyone wants it first if you do not plan to use it.

Ninja Looting: It refers to a player who grabs the fallen loot from a monster or a chest that he didn’t have the right to grab or earn. Ninja Looting is a form of bad play and players can get blacklisted for it and they can be prevented from joining raiding groups, parties and guilds.

– Acronyms that are used to describe different character classes:

Tank: This term is used to describe characters that are armored to the teeth. They are usually melee characters that do not have magic abilities. This includes Barbarians, Paladins and champions. They are usually at the front leading the fight.

Caster: It refers to characters that use magic and cast spells. These casters can use these spells to empower themselves, harm enemies or heal teammates. They include wizards, mages, shamans and enchanters. These casters have their own set of terms, these terms include the following:

Mezz: It is short for the spell “Mesmerize” which is a spell that will leave the victim helpless, unmoving and confused. This allows the tanks to step in and finish them off.

Freeze: It refers to a skill that the caster can use in order to “freeze” the victim which also makes them helpless and unable to move until the soldiers and the tanks step in and kill them.  Other players use the term “root” as some games have that skill which has the same effect.

AOE:  It stands for Area of Effect, some spells can effect anything within a specific area.

Stealth: Some classes have the ability to be stealthy by going invisible. This enables them to sneak up to their enemies and kill them. These characters include minstrels, archers, assassins and rogues.

Healers: It refers to the class of characters that can heal.

Rezzers: It refers to the classes that have the ability to bring the dead back to live, they can resurrect the dead, and this is why they call them Rezzers.

PUG: it refers to a group of players who decided to team up in order to finish a quest or a certain goal. It stands for Pick Up Group.

– Acronyms that are used to describe foes or monsters:

MOB or a Creep: It describes dangerous monsters that you will have to kill.

INC: Indicates that there is a group of “Incoming” monsters and foes heading our way.

ADD: it is used to refer that there are more monsters coming.

BAF: It stands for Brought a Friend, which means that there are other monsters coming with the initial monster.

Pat: It is used as a short word for patrol that is a wandering mob or a group of mobs that patrol a certain area.

– Acronyms that are used to describe the intentions of other players:

PVE or PVM: It refers to players who are best suited against monsters. It stands for Player versus Environment or Monsters.

PVP: It stands for players who play and duel against other players. It is much more fun to play against other players rather than slaughtering computer controlled monsters and foes. The word is short for Player Vs. Player.

PK / PKer: It refers to a player who kills another player without honor. Players can kill each other in PVP but a player who commits murder and kills other players is called PK or Player Killing. It is a negative term as PKers are not welcomed. It also describes players who take advantage of other players’ low level or skill to kill them.

NPC and PC: They are humanoids that are controlled by a real player or the computer. If it is controlled by the computer, it is PC (player character) and if it controlled by the computer, it is NPC (Non player character).

Spawn: It is a place where MOBs or creeps appear in the world of the game.

XP: It stands for Experience points. This experience can be gained by killing enemies and accomplishing quests.

Zerg: It indicates overpowering the enemy with sheer numbers instead of tactics. It originated from the game StarCraft where Zerglings overpowered their enemies by the power of numbers.

– Acronyms that are used to indicate difficulty or malfunction:

Lag: It means that everything is slow and that the connection is bad. This is commonly found in games that are graphics or player intensive. Lag can cause a huge slowdown in the character or the army movement, which can lead to a disaster. For example, I was lagging so bad that my army died without me noticing.

DC: It is the term people use to say that they were disconnected.

General gaming acronyms and terms:

Newb – Newbie – Noob – nub- nublet: They all refer to a new player who does not have a clue how to play the game.

Dood: it is used to describe people who are cool and uber.

Nerf: Nerf is reducing the abilities or the effect of certain characters or skill. For example, “This skill is so powerful; Blizzard should nerf it down a notch”.

Toon: It is short for cartoon which refers to the online characters. For example, “I brb, I’ll get my other toon and come”.

Twink: It is used to describe characters that are low leveled but they are wearing elite gear that is superior to their level. They are usually created in order to beat other players with the same level in PvP combats.

AA: It refers to units that can launch attacks on aerial units. It stands for Anti Air. For example, someone get some AA to beat these dragons or we will die.

Buffs:  Buffs are spells that can enhance the power, the hp and the strength of the characters.

Buffbot or Bot: It refers to a character that has only one main goal, this goal is to heal and buff players in battle. It does not get its hands dirty in combat as it stays away as it heals and buffs the characters that are actually fighting.

DoT: It is a kind of spells that can result in “Damage over Time”. So when it is cast on a player, it will keep damaging him over the course of time.

LOS: It stands for Line of Sight.

PL: It stands for Power Leveling. It is when a character that has a high level helps a group of low-leveled characters in killing monsters they can’t kill to help them gain tremendous amounts of experience.

Alt: It stands for Alternative characters, which are characters that players create beside their main character.

LFG: It stands for Looking for a Group. It is used by players who need the help of people in accomplishing certain quests or killing monsters. So they look for a group to join that is on the same quest.

Main: It is the main character that has the best gear and the highest level; it is usually the first character that players create.

Farm: It indicates staying in one place in order to keep killing the same monsters over and over. It can be done to get specific drops or for acquiring experience or gold.

RTFM: It is short for Read The Fucking Manual. It is a very aggressive way to stop newbs from hammering you down with questions.

Spam: It is used to indicate the excessive usage of a spell or an action. Some players spam fireballs in order to kill a specific monster or a Mob. It can also be used to describe text spamming like when players spam the same sentence over and over in the chat. It can be quite annoying; players can get banned from channels or clans for spamming at the chat.

Whisper: It is a private communicating channel between you and another player. It usually has a certain text color to indicate its privacy.

TP: It stands for Town Portal or Teleport. It is a spell or a scroll that can help you escape the dangers you are in by taking you back to a safe zone or town. There is also a spell that is called Teleport which can help you move from one place to another in a heartbeat.

Train: A group of mobs and monsters that are chasing you and you can’t handle them or run from them.

– Acronyms that are used by traders:

WTB: It stands for Want to Buy. It is when you are looking to buy a certain item. For example, “WTB The Grandfather Sword”

WTS: It stands for Want to Sell, which means that you have the item and you want to sell it. For example, WTS stone of Jordan.

WTT: It stands for Want to Trade, it is when you get an item and you want to trade it for another. For example, “WTT Grandfather for a Stone of Jordan.

RPG: It stands for Role Playing Game. It is the game where players role-play by choosing characters, getting them gear and fighting with them to gain experience.

DABR Do a barrel roll, a fun way to express that the recipient should just chill out and forget about whatever problem they are encountering.


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