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Domain Free Web Hosting

Domain Free Web Hosting

What is a Web Hosting Service?

This service is considered as an internet hosting service that would enable individuals or businesses to bring their personal or business websites on the internet. It allows the website to become accessed by anyone over the internet. This kind of service is essential for any person or business who want to have a presence on the web.

Where can you Get such as Service?

This service can be provided by Web Hosts. These companies would provide the clients with a certain amount of space that they own or lease and it also provides these clients with connectivity to the internet, mostly in a data center. It is also important to know that the scope of such services varies. For example, the most standard and typical type of a web hosting service is a small web page where users will be able to upload their files through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or through a user-friendly Web interface.

Is it Free, Cheap or Expensive?

There are many ISPs (Internet service providers) who are willing to provide this service in the form of a free web hosting service that does not cost any fees. This is why personal websites are usually free of charge if they are sponsored by ads or they can cost a fee but a rather inexpensive one. On the other side, web-hosting services for enterprises and large scaled organization come with a high price tag. This is because these businesses would be looking for more extensive features, web space and bandwidth than the ones offered for free for personal users.

For example, personal websites will only need to utilize a single page type of hosting, on the other hand, a business website would require more than that. It would need a comprehensive package that would provide platforms for application development and support for the database. This includes ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Java and PHP.

How can the Web Server be controlled?

It many occasions, the web hosting service providers would provide users with a control panel or an interface that would allow them to fully manage their web server. They will be able to install scripts, service applications (e-mail) and other modules. Business organizations tend to hire the services of web hosts who specialize in e-Commerce services and software.

What is the Best Control Panel?

Some might argue with this, but cPanel is considered as the best and the most efficient control panel available. This control panel is basically a Unix based panel. It provides customers with automation tools and a graphical interface that are designed in order to simplify managing the website as possible. This panel runs on a three-tiered structure and it provides admins, end-users and resellers with all of the capabilities that they need in order to control every little aspect of their website.

This panel is developed in order to work as a virtual server or a dedicated server and the latest version of it made it able to be installed on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Cloud Linux and CentOS.

What are the different types of Web Hosting?

There are numerous types of web hosting and each type is dedicated to satisfy the needs of different types of clients. These types include Shared Web Hosting, Free Web Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Colocation Web Hosting and Clustered Hosting.

What to Look For in a web hosting service?

Of course, the answer of this question will change from one person to another and from one organization to another but we can name some of the main features. For example, you will have to see how many domain names do you want to host, as some web hosting packages will not allow more than one and some do. You will have to see the amount of web space that you need as some packages would include restrictions on the web space and some will offer unlimited web space and the same with the bandwidth. Lastly, the uptime reliability, which is one of the most important factors

What is Uptime Reliability?

Uptime is the availability of the website. It is defined by the availability percentage of the website around the days of the year. You have to choose a web hosting provider that promises high percentage of uptime because this means that at any given time, users who are trying to open your business or personal domain name will be able to so at any time.

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