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Fast money casino slots may be better than the New Jersey lottery results

Fast money casino slots may be better than the New Jersey lottery results

Nov 25, 2013

Fast money casino slot machines may just be better at winning the odds more than playing the New Jersey lottery.


Think about it this way. When you play the New Jersey lottery it doesn’t mean that you are necessarily going to win. Playing the machines doesn’t guarantee this either, but let’s take one thing at a time.


When you play the lottery you put a certain amount of money in to buy a ticket. You spell out a few numbers that interest you or you have good feeling about, and then that is it. Than you sit and wait to see what the winning numbers are. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I have actually played the lottery before, just like many of you. And it can make you feel good to know that you have won a few dollars. But it can also make you feel bad to know that you have lost just as much, if not more.


With playing the lottery you put in a bet at the money limit and numbers that are given. The only time you actually win really big is when the power ball and the mega millions are played. With those, only a select few actually ever end up winning those tickets.


So it makes it a bit more difficult to place bigger bets and win bigger amounts. Even at the smallest ticket and number range, the odds are not entirely in your favor.


Now we come to discuss the fast money casino slots. There are types and kinds of slot machines. There are some that offer 3-reel single-line game. There are others that offers 25-reel single-line game.


Is this a numbers game, just as in the lottery? Yes, of course it is. All betting is a numbers game. It’s like dating, you have to put a lot in, in order to get something major out. So the same goes with the slot machines.


Slot machines are just about the only game in New Jersey where the numbers are not quantified. The system chooses a random number. Than puts into position and the cards fall where they may. The numbers are pretty much chosen from the first second you sit down. All of the other activity is just part of the window dressing. I’m sorry to blow the cover of how these machines work, but there it is.


More players get into penny video slot machines. The house is usually set around 6-15%. So if you are looking for a really good game to win on, pick a nice gaming site. The nicer the gaming site is,the tighter the slot machine games will be.


When playing an online game always use a player card. This is very important that you remember this. The machines themselves may not be the best bet in the world, but online gaming sites will treat you better if you do.


You may be playing just a $1 slot machine game, but you will compensated better than a blackjack player who best $100 grand. And yes, this will also happen online too. But don’t play strictly on this principle. Because you will be giving them more than they give you, even online. Every gaming site works this way, so do the homework before playing.

A good rule of thumb is, the simpler the game the higher the return. If you go to play on the fancier machines, you won’t be winning as big. Now some claim that the fancier machines are prettier and more exciting. This may be true, but the winnings will not be as profitable. So go with the simpler ones.


Another tip is to play as little as possible. Play slowly and just enough to get your fix. Don’t forget to cash out and ask for a withdrawal once you are done. If you are playing a slot machine where there are skill tips, take them.


Many players will forgo this advice and keep on playing. This is when the lose out on some money that is rightfully theirs. So accept the advice and use it to your advantage. They are there to help you.


Slot machines may not be as profitable as some others, but they are still much better than playing the lottery. The odds when playing the lottery are greatly reduced, to the point where you don’t win. Now the same can be said about slot machines. But with slot machines you stand a much better chance of winning smaller amounts of money. Stay away from the bigger money and you will be fine.


So take a look at some of the guidelines and policies before you play. Talk to an online gaming supervisor about tips that you can use to better your odds. Remember, to have fun!



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