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Guide to Miniclip Games

What are Miniclip Games?

If you are a basic internet user or a new user, you must have heard or seen people talking about the Miniclip games. You probably asked yourself, what are these games and why are they making quite a buzz around the internet. Miniclip games are basically flash games that allow users to enjoy them without any downloads. They are addicting games that can be played online, for free and through a regular browser. This is very convenient for many people who want to enjoy their time on the internet and play addictive games without having to pay or make any downloads. All what is needed for these games is an internet browser of any kind (ex. Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer), a flash player and an internet connection.

Although they are flash games that can be played through the browser, they are just like consoles’ games, they are always being developed and enhanced to provide players with a better and a more exciting gaming experience. The games are enhanced by the addition & the increasing of the enemy players’ AI, the addition of advanced games, the ability to do more than one thing in the same game and including 3D real life visuals. All of this is available for players through Macromedia Flash player. Most browsers, including the browser you are currently using to read this article already have the software needed to run Flash games. If it does not, all what you have to do is try to open the game and the browser will automatically ask you to install the needed software so you will not even have to search for it, your browser will.

What Categories are Available?

If I say that there are hundreds of categories, I would not be exaggerating as there are thousands of games that cover basically every single gaming category out there. These categories include sports games (baseball, soccer, basketball, etc…), shooting games (Zombie assault and sniper games), car racing games that are presented in astonishing 3D graphics and strategy and puzzle games that would help you challenge your mind and keep it active.

Are they totally Free?

Yes they are, so if you find any website that is asking you to pay to play a game or to pay a fee for a subscription, you are ought to leave this website and look for another. This is because these games are intended to be free and you will find plenty of websites that offer you these games for free without any costs. Most of these websites will not even demand a registration, they will present you with a list of the Miniclip games it has and you will choose the game and will instantly start playing.

What are the Most Recommended Miniclip Games?

Although gaming is a matter of preference but we can recommend five games. These five games have been the most addictive and popular games as of late.

– Red Driver 2:

Red Driver 2 falls under the racing category. It provides players with a 3D racing experience. The game has several modes. These modes are the cone catch mode, crash test mode, Nitro speed mode and the high score mode. The game also has three different stages. These stages are Chinatown, Bronx and Miami.

– Park Master 2

This is another game that is themed around cars but instead of racing, it is about parking. Parking games are becoming quite popular and this game is the sequel to Park Master, one of the best parking games available.

In this game, players will try to move their car into the parking space without crashing into other cars or any other obstacles. Players will have to park the car almost perfectly in the designated space.

– Bloons Tower Defense 4:

Tower Defense has to be one of the most popular Miniclip games. In this game, players will be tasked with the mission of protecting their base against endless waves of the enemy. They will protect their base by using weapons and mega turret towers. This game offers players advanced visuals, sound effects, and new upgrades for the old style towers.

– SAS Zombie Assault 2:

This game is a survival game where players will be sent to an abandoned camp that is overrun with hordes of undead zombies. They will have to fight for survival using various weapons.

– Elite Sniper:

Elite Sniper provides players with a realistic sniper game that can be considered as the best sniper shooting game on the market today.

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