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Guide to Tetris

The History of Tetris

Tetris is a game that we all know and have played at least once in our lives. It is a puzzle video game where we have to match tiles so we can keep playing. This game originated in Russia as it was developed and designed by a Russian developer named Alexey Pajitnov. It was called the Soviet Russia at that time as it was released to the public on the 6th of June of 1984. He designed the game during his work in the Dorodnicyn Computing Centre which was a part of the USSR Science Academy. The name “Tetris” was inspired and derived from the prefix tetra- from the Greek numerical system. He named it Tetris because all of the pieces in the game have 4 segments and he combined this prefix with his favorite sport, tennis.
Tetris is also the first ever gaming software to be imported to the United States by the USSR. Spectrum Holobyte published the game for IBM PC and Commodore 64. This game and its variants are available on every single gaming console and operating system. It is also available on other devices such as cell phones, PDAs graphing calculators, Network music players and portable media players.

The game was also a great hit when it became available for players through the portable version of the Game Boy that was released in 1989. This gaming console made Tetris one of the most addictive and the most popular games. In 2007, the game succeeded in grabbing the 1st place as the Best game of all time on the 100th issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly and in 2010, it was stated that the game of Tetris sold over one-hundred million copies for mobile phones in the years between 2005 and 2010.
Due to the technology available and the great breakthroughs achieved in electronics, Tetris can now be enjoyed with full color on small and portable devices such as smart phones, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Androids and more.

Your Guide to the Gameplay of Tetris

The game pieces that are used in this game are called Tetriminos. These Tetriminos are geometric figures, each figure consists of square blocks. These Tetriminos will start to fall from above in a random sequence down the field of the game. This field is a rectangular vertical shaft. This shaft is called the Matrix or the Well.

The purpose of the game is for players to start manipulating these falling shapes by moving them sideways or by rotating them at 90 degrees. This manipulation is done in order to create a horizontal straight line that does not have any bumps or gaps. If such line is created, it will disappear and the block above this line will start to fall on the line under it.

The game has levels, players will go from one level to another when they succeed in creating a specific number of lines. Of course, as players go from one level to another, the game will become harder as the blocks will start to fall quicker than the previous level. Players will keep playing as long as they keep creating these lines. The game will only end with the Tetriminos stacks reaches the very top of the shaft (The Matrix) until new Tetriminos are unable to enter the field. Some other games can end after a certain number of lines or levels.

The Tetriminos

These Tetriminos have different colors. Since there are different variants out there, there are different colors. Each game has seven different colors. The original colors of the Tetriminos that was used in the original Tetris game, the Soviet mind game that was designed by Alexey Pajitnov were Red, Magenta, Orange, Cyan, Olive, Green and Blue. Of course, the Tetris games that are played on graphing calculators or handheld consoles usually use grayscale or monochrome graphics so the Tetriminos have no colors.
All of these Tetriminos have the ability to create double and single clears, some of them can do triples and only one can clear 4 lines at the same time.

Can we Play it Forever?

The possibility of playing this game indefinitely was approached by John Brzustowski in his thesis in 1988. According to the thesis, it is impossible to play forever as the game is doomed to end because of the large sequence of certain Tetriminos that will result in having a gap in the corner which will finish the game in time. This shows that players cannot play this game forever and at some point, the game will have to end.

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