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How Did Hollywood Try to End the World Last Year

How Did Hollywood Try to End the World Last Year

Jan 26, 2014

There are a lot of movies that were released this past year that pretty much tried to end or actually ended the world. With a strong ending to 2012 with the movie 2012, it seems that 2013 had more ideas on how to end the world. Here are some of them that really stood out from the rest.

The Pacific Rim:

In this movie, the human world was fighting extinction against the Kaiju. They are giant monsters that came from the depth of the oceans and are trying to end our world. In order to fight such monsters, we build our own “Jaegers”. They are giant robots that are controlled by brave rangers.

the pacific rim

This is the End:

It was the end with this star studded cast that includes plenty of the biggest names in Hollywood who starred as themselves. This includes Jonah Hill, James Franco, Rihanna and more. They were enjoying a party in Lon Angeles when all hell broke loose, literally. The heroes try to survive this horror while trying to understand why all of this happened.

This is the End

Star Trek: Into the Darkness:

Although it is not exactly an end of the world movie as it is a part of the immortal saga of Star Trek, but still, Khan did try to burn the world into ashes with advanced technology, so it can still quality for an “end of the world movie”.

Star Trek

The World’s End:

Pretty much like This is the End, it is a comedy movie that follows a band of friends that star Simon Pegg as they try to rekindle their youth by embarking on a beer route as they pass a number of bars. They quickly discover that the city and soon the world will be taken over by blue-eyed robotic aliens.

The Worlds End

World War Z:

It might be the most iconic zombie apocalypse movie in 2014. The movie starred Brad Pitt who is an investigator for the UN who embarks on a journey around the world to discover the reason behind the devastating epidemic that is toppling armies and government all around the world. Watch what happens when the undead zombies take over the world.

World War Z

Man of Steel:

The great return of Superman to the top of the charts. The movie tells the story of the superhero from his youth, and how he had to leave his planet until he discovers who he really is. His past haunts him and brings danger to the entire human race as they threaten to destroy earth and it is only up to Clark Kent to prevent that from happening.

man of stee

Thor: The Dark World

Jane Foster stumbles upon the force of the dark elves during some kind of alignments between the planets that open temporary and changing portals between the worlds. This causes the Dark Elves to set their course to earth after trying to invade the homeland of Thor. Thor returns once again to save Earth from destruction. The movie was intense and filled with great graphics and an interesting storyline. Of course, let us not forget Tom Hiddleston who plays the role of Loki, which is one of the main reasons any one goes to see Thor movies.



How would it be if the portal between the living world and the undead world is broken, watch R.I.P.D to find out. In this movie, the Rest In Peace Department discover that a “deado” is trying to assemble a mighty and an ancient golden staff in order to destroy that barrier so the deados can walk the earth like the living.



If you think that sharks are only a danger to consider while in the water, you better think again. The name of the movie is Sharkando, which is a mix between sharks and a tornado, and yes, you guessed it, it is about a deadly tornado that carries lethal and deadly sharks which makes sharks a danger that rules the air, water and land. This Sharkando terrorizes the entire population of Los Angeles eating anything in its way.


47 Ronin:

The new Keanu Reaves movie in which he joins a band of brave warriors who have to stop a menacing terror from controlling their world. They are trying to stop an evil sorceress who turns into a deadly dragon with sharp teeth. It might not be an “end of the world” movie, but a lady that turns into a dragon is bad news for everyone.

47 ronon

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