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The Effect of Technology on the Gaming Industry

Without a doubt, the breakthrough in technology, especially electronics has allowed us to enjoy many things that were not available twenty years ago. This includes games that are more advanced and more realistic. The new games that are released have amazing visual and 3D graphics that would make you doubt that they are in fact computer generated and not real. This is due to the developing engines that gaming developers use to give us these amazing games.

The effect of technology did not stop there. Instead of only being able to enjoy a high quality game on your computer or laptop, you can now enjoy the best of games with distinctive quality on your mobile phone. You will be able to do that through apps. Apps is a term that stands for Applications. It was invented by Apple as it named its applications Apps as an integration between Apple and Applications. There are plenty of free apps and free games that can be downloaded on your smart phone. This way, you will be able to enjoy playing them while on the go, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Major Developers are Joining In

The mobile and app industry is growing rapidly and this is why all major gaming and software developers are starting to enter the market one after another. All major developers such as Activision and EA are starting to convert their most popular games into mobile apps so mobile players can enjoy them too. This includes FIFA, Call of Duty, Need for Speed and more. These developers make sure that these apps are compatible with almost every smart phone and tablet out there. This is why they release apps that are compatible with Android powered devices, iOS powered devices (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone), Windows phones, Blackberry and more.

Where can You find these Apps?

Players who are looking for these apps, whether free apps or not will find them at many online vendors. For example, Android users will find plenty of apps at the Google Market and iPhone users will find them in the App Store that belongs to Apple. These outlets are always adding new apps to their apps content almost on a daily basis. They will also provide the customer with information and details about the app. Users are advised to check the compatibility of their phone before purchasing any apps.

Mobile Gambling

The online gambling industry noticed the great surge in the number of smart phone users. This is why the industry decided to capitalize on that by offering gambling apps. These apps are developed by different online casinos and poker rooms. These apps allow each user to turn his cell phone into a portable casino that he can take with him anywhere instead of having to be at home to enjoy online gambling. This was a great and a smart move as the mobile gambling industry is considered as one of the fastest growing markets in the world. These apps allow players to enjoy gambling for fun with virtual credits or with real money. Casino and poker games is not everything that these apps can offer as online bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill and Betfair offer their bookmaking and sports betting services through the mobile channel as well. This means that gamblers can place real money bets on sporting events while being away from home.

Watching Movies on Your Mobile

If someone said this statement years ago, he would have been called crazy and delusional. No one would have considered the ability of watching a full movie with high quality graphics on a small portable device. Now, it is possible. You can watch your favorite movies, video clips or plays on your mobile or tablet. These mobiles and tablets come with all of the needed media players that would allow you to enjoy these movies in high quality picture and sound. iPad has to be one of the most commonly used portable devices in watching movies or YouTube video clips.


Technology has basically enabled us to carry very small computers in our pockets. We can use these computers in order to play games, watch movies in high quality, browse the internet, place wagers on casino games or sporting events and listen to music. There is no need to carry around that laptop on your shoulder wherever you go, instead, carry a smart phone and enjoy amazing apps and games.

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