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New Product Seeks to Break Stereotype

New Product Seeks to Break Stereotype

Nov 20, 2013

There’s a new ad that is going viral, which isn’t uncommon as the holidays creep up on us. What is unique about this new product, or rather line of products, is that it takes what is traditionally seen as a ‘boy’s toy’ and redesigned it to have a greater appeal to young girls. Goldieblox is a new line of engineering products in fun colors and designs that will appeal to young girls more interested in mathematics and science than dolls and playing house. The ad itself features a trio of young girls looking bored and disgusted as they watch yet another commercial for dolls and frilly pink things. Instead of following suit and playing with similar items that are already seen in their house, they decide instead to turn them, as well as other household items, into a Rube Goldberg machine, breaking the stereotype that girls shouldn’t be engineers.

This product is a result of a Kickstarter that worked, and is can be purchased on various online retailers, and has recently been picked up by Toys R Us.

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