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Problems that Only the Anxious will Feel

Problems that Only the Anxious will Feel

Feb 5, 2014

Every wondered if you are the only anxious person in the world who comes across problems that other people seem not to bother with. If the answer is yes, then you should check out this article as it presents the top 10 problems that only anxious people face.

10) Hearing Noise when Home Alone:

If you are alone and you suddenly hear noise coming from any place in the house, you automatically think you will be murdered, end of story. Of course that is not the case, 99.99% of the time, but we anxious people just can’t help it. No matter how many times we hear noise and not get killed, we still worry every time it happens.

home alone

9) Locking the Doors can be a brutal task:

Whether it is your car door, the oven door, the front door of your house or any other door, locking it can be very tiresome because you will always ask yourself, did I lock the door? And you might end up checking it more than five times. You know what, I better go check my door as well, since we have brought up the subject.

did you lock the door

8) You are a pessimist and you know it:

You feel that it is only natural to assume the worst case scenario all the time, because you can’t be disappointed if you always do that right? Although you know it, it still irks you when people say it to your face, despite the fact you know it is true and you accept it.


7) Over thinking everything and I mean everything:

You take nothing slightly and you will have to over think everything and think of every possible scenario so you can be prepared. You can even think what to do in certain cases that will never happen in real life.

over think

6) When People try to make you feel better, it’s the opposite:

Whenever you are in a bad shape, people will try to make you feel better, but what they do not know is that they make it worse and that they can make you feel much worse than you were. You will be like, why are they worried, should I worry too, and the over thinking will begin.

feel better

5) Making a List of things you think you will forget:

This list is crucial because you will think of the many things that you believe you will forget, even if you have never forgot them before. Things like locking the door, turning of the lights among other things. Coming to think of it, did I lock my car’s door?


4) Never willingly choose to meet new people:

You are not anti social or anything, but meeting new people and getting to know them and making small talks with them can be very exhausting. You will also think, will they even like me, do I look good enough, what if they do not like the way I talk or the way I dress. Things are better off with people you already know.

new people

3) The dread of missing a call from an unknown phone number:

You will leave your mobile for a minute and you come back and find a missed call from a number that is not saved to your phone book, what will you do now? Was it an important phone call, should I call it, what if it is a wrong number and what if it is someone I don’t want to talk to.

missed call

2) Your Boss wants to talk to you in private? You are fired:

Whenever your boss asks you to join him in his office for a private chat, you immediately assume the worst and you start thinking that he will fire you. You will even start to dread on the subject as if it really happened, what will you do, what will you tell your wife, where will I work and so on.  You may even start planning what you will do after you are fired.


1)  I should make a speech, I’d rather die:

Whenever you are asked to make a speech to a number of people, you will immediately start to stress over it before you give the speech, thinking what will you say and will they like it and during the speech and even after it. You will question everything in your life and think whether they liked it, did it go well, do they hate you now?

public speech

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