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The Best 8 Rated R American Movies

The Best 8 Rated R American Movies

Feb 11, 2014

There are many Rated R American movies that came out in the past decade but only a handful of them became a great success. Here is a list of the best 7 Rated R movies that became iconic movies that we never forget about that included the word American in them. They were Rated R for curse language, racism, drugs, sex and violence, which is all of the good stuff that we look forward to seeing in movies.

8) American Beauty:

This has to be one of the most memorable movies by Kevin Spacey. One of the most powerful and emotional themes was the Dinner scene where he and his wife pull on the last few loose ends of their relationship and shows how can this damage a relationship beyond repair. It is no wonder the movie was nominated for many awards. You can watch this scene right here.

7) American Hustle:

This is one of the most recently released Rated R movies which allowed us to go deep into the world of scams and hustles of the professionals. It had a star studded cast that included Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence among others. It is about a couple who specialize in scams who get caught and they are forced to help a wild FBI agent in getting three big names in cuffs.

6) American Psycho:

This is yet another American Rated R movie that stars Christian Bale. He played the iconic role of an American Psycho who just liked to kill. It was not the breakout role for Christian Bale, not by a long shot, but it did change the way we looked at him. One of the most iconic scenes invovles naked and covered in blood Christian Bale as he chases a prostitute with a chainsaw down the halls and throws it from the top of the stairs to split her open. Did he really commit all of these crimes or was he hallucinating, watch the movie and find out.

5) American History X:

If you want to watch a power movie that approaches racism against blacks, Hispanics or any other non-Nazi race, then this is the movie for you. It starred Edward Norton. He was a cut throat New Nazi supporter who killed two black burglars and ends up in jail. He then becomes a friend with an African American in jail and starts to learn about the errors of his ways. A great journey that shows how a racist can change his point of views throughout great and dramatic events in his life.

4) American Gangster

Denzel Washington plays the role of an American Gangster from Harlem who smuggles drugs from Vietnam with the help of his friends in the army into the USA. A great movie filled with violence, drugs and sex, in short, it has everything you might want to see in a Rater R movie and on top of that, it stars Denzel Washington.

3) American Movie

This is a great documentary movie that was made by Chris Smith who followed two hapless filmmaker wanna-be’s as they work on their horror movie that is called Coven. It is a comic movie that is fun and easy to watch, especially with how bad they miss pronounce their movie as Co-Ven. The movie quickly turns into a movie about the universal nature and the need for being creative.

2) American Pie

If we ever talk about American movies that are R Rated, we cannot skip American Pie. The movie was released in 1999. It followed a group of teens in their sexual adventures. The movie was very successful that many sequels have followed the first movie.

1) Wet Hot American Summer

This movie started the young stars of the 90s sketch comedy TV show that used to air on MTV, The State. The movie is an absolute must see movie for any comedy lovers. The movie starred Chris Meloni, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler among others.

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