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The Bohemians Movie

The Bohemians Movie

Nov 20, 2012

This modern day telling of La Bohème takes place in the gorgeous city of modern day New York. If one is unfamiliar with the original Opera, it is a four act, Italian Opera that is actually quite famous. The story is about bohemians, or artists.

Being a story about artists, New York City is an excellent backdrop. It is reminiscent of the Latin Quarter in Paris with its industrial setting. The hustle, bustle, and subtle artistic attitude of New York made it the perfect choice.But even with such an amazing choice of location, bringing out this side of New York in a way any audience member can recognize is no easy task. One can easily see the skills of the cinematographer and lighting crew. The scenery is very nice, but it is the lighting and the inventive camera work that makes this film as artistic as the artists it is portraying.

The story does a great job at capturing the life of struggling artists. The tears, the joys, and the struggles are all shown in a way anyone watching can relate to.

The cast is made up of young singers that not only bring the music of the original four act opera to life, but make the characters seem real. Each member is very talented and their craft really shines through on screen.

The combination of a fantastic cast, great camera and editing and a wonderful backdrop make this classic opera adaptation not just another re-imagining or retelling of the same story like we have seen from Hollywood time and time again. By even just watching the trailer, one can see that every member involved with the film wants to stay true to not only the original story but the art of Opera. Each element of the film blends together perfectly, and nothing is lacking. It is perfect execution that makes films worth watching. It doesn’t happen always in the film world, and when combining two art forms like opera and film it becomes even harder. But this film stays true to both art forms and blends them perfectly.

The producers and filmmakers have opened up an opportunity for backers at Kickstarter to actually receive some amazing rewards for pledges.  From personal serenades from the cast to actual producer credit in the film, the rewards are exciting.  Find out more about this great project at The Bohemians Kickstarter as we as at their website thebohemiansmovie.com.

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