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The Future of War Will Be Digital

The Future of War Will Be Digital

Mar 12, 2014

As Sir Francis Bacon once put it, knowledge is power. Wars are won and lost based off of what they know about the enemies. It helps prepare defenses, know when and where the enemy plans to strike, and where the enemy’s weak points are. These are just a few examples of how knowledge can greatly affect a war, so what does this have to do with digital devices?

Almost anything can be found online. Information is stored on servers so that it can be retrieved by those that need it, with the correct permissions of course. However, the major flaw to this is the fact that hackers exist out there. Hackers are able to access these servers without permission, allowing them to retrieve gigabytes of important data. We have seen it happen time and time again within our own country, and we know other countries steal digital information all the time, although that is usually disclosed to avoid alarm and the need to explain what was stolen.

With knowledge being such an important factor in war, we can expect that the real battleground will take place online. This is where hackers will gain access to the information that they need to take down governments and steal war plans. National security agents work constantly to fight off these hackers, and this causes strikes to occur from both sides. Security builds up protection to stop hackers, while hackers come up with new methods of stealing information from servers to completely taking them out, such as with DDoS attacks.

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