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The Top 10 Romantic Movies About Time Travel

The Top 10 Romantic Movies About Time Travel

Feb 20, 2014

There are many Time Travelling movies that were released in the last few years but most of them were action movies with thrilling twists. On the other hand, there are a few movies that had a romantic story in which the power of love urged and helped the protagonists of the movies to time travel to save their loved ones. Here is a list of the romantic movies that had a time traveling theme.

10) Winter’s Tale:

This is the latest movies that fall under this genre. It stars Russell Crowe and Collin Farrell. Collin Farrell plays the role of a burglar who falls in love with an heiress while breaking in into her place. She turns out to be very sick ad drying and his love for her enables him to travel between space and time. He finds himself in modern day New York with no memory but knows he is there for a reason.

9) About Time:

Pretty much like the Time Traveler’s Wife, in this movie, Rachel McAdams delves into the romance genre with a time travelling story. She plays the wife of a British man who works as lawyer who finds out that he can travel through time and decides to do so in order to enhance his future with his wife.

8) The Lake House:
In this movie, Alex, played by Keanu Reeves is an architect who lives in 2004 while Sandra Bullock’s character, Kate, is a doctor living in 2006. They fall in love through letters that are found in a mail box in a Lake house where they have lived before. They then find out the magical powers of the box and they use it so they can be together rather than just sending each other letters.

7) Blast from the Past:

In this movie, Brenden Fraser’s character did not really travel in time, but it was stuck in the 1960s when his parents feared the cold war and built a bunker underground. After 30 years, he goes out and starts to discover the modern day life and finds out that what his parents told him and the nuclear bombs never happened.

6) Sliding Doors:

Sliding Doors is about Helen who is played by Gwyneth Paltrow who is torn between 2 parallel universes after she is fired from her job. She waits for her train to arrive at the London underground and this is when her life crosses with a man called James, but just moments of her life. The movies makes you question love and whether it is all about fate, or coincidence.

5) The Time Traveler’s Wife:

This is one of the best movies in that Genre. Clare, played by Amy McAdams fell in love with a librarian named Henry, played by Eric Bana. He has a genetic disorder that gives him the ability to travel through time. Although it does sound cool, but it is sad and heartbreaking as he can’t control when he travels and disappears.

4) Kate and Leopold:

Leopold follows a time travelling scientist into a crack in the fabric of time and space and finds himself in modern day New York where he meets Kate, played by Meg Ryan. He falls in love with her but the complications of him being from another time does not make things easier.

3) The Butterfly Effect:

The Butterfly Effect is one of the most iconic and touching movies about time travel and the complications it can cause. It is about a man who can travel in time and tries to fix the lives of his loved ones but every time he tries to fix something, he wrecks the life of another and learns that no one can play god and fix the life of others.

2) Groundhog Day:

Instead of travelling in time, the main character of this movie, Played by Bill Murray finds himself re living the same day over and over. He tries to understand the meaning as he ends every day with a different ending.

1) Somewhere in Time:

Christopher Reeves plays the role of a Chicago who uses elf hypnoses himself in order to travel back in time to the early 20thcentury to find an actress whose portrait hands in a hotel.

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