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The Top Ten Anti-Valentine Day Movies

The Top Ten Anti-Valentine Day Movies

Feb 25, 2014

February is the month of love, because on the 14th of it, it is Valentine ’s Day. It is when the entire world turns red with teddy bears, flowers and heart shaped sweets. If you think that this post is about Valentine, then you are wrong, it is the exact opposite, it is about the top 10 Anti Valentine movies that you would want to see. So check out the list we have compiled for you:

10) Sleepwalk With Me:
Sleepwalk With Me is a great movie that stars Mike Birbiglia who is a stand up comedy performer and his career is taking off but it has a drastic effect on his 8-year relationship. The movie will give you all of the hope that you need if you are going through some rough time. The movie also stars the beautiful Lauren Ambrose who is such a sweetie pie.

9) Lars and the Real Girl:

Ryan Gosling has to be the last guy you would imagine starring in an Anti Valentine movie. In this movie, he plays the role of a loser who can’t get a girlfriend and decides to purchase a sex doll and treats her like a real girl. This movie is guaranteed to make you feel good for yourself if you ignore the uplifting feeling that you might feel near the end of the movie.

8) Ruby Sparks

The movie is about a teen writer who conjured the girl of his dreams who is called Ruby Sparks in order for her to be in his new novel. The surprise is, she materializes and becomes a real girl but this come with a twist. She will do and say whatever he writes. It is a dream comes true for us men, since we are control freaks who are jealous.

7) Broken Flowers

Bill Murray finds a letter without a name that says that he has a son. He goes across the country in order to get in touch with all of his old flames so he can find who of them became pregnant in hopes of locating the writer of the letter. It shows that men who sleep around will end up alone, sad and smoking weed.

6) The Break Up

He Break Up is a comedy movie that has an Anti romantic twist. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn who are a couple who broke up but they still live together because they have already bought a place. Of course, a broken heart is not something you should joke about, unless it is not you own heart, then it is fair game.

5) 500 days of Summer:

Zooey Deschanel is the dream girl who steals the heart of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character’s heart. She then starts to trample to death when she finally gets bored. This movie will easily help you hate romance and Valentine’s Day. Although she is an evil girl, you just can’t hate Zoeey Deschanel, she is too cute.

4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Kate Winslet and Jim Carry are the stars of his amazing movie. They fall in love, then hate each other and they go to a company that erases memories. If you think it is over you are wrong, they meet each other again and fall in love only to know why they erased their memories in the first place.

3) Chungking Express

If you just came out of a bad relationship, then this is the movie you should watch as it will make you forget all about it. It follows the tale of two dudes played by Tony Leung and Faye Wong who talk and ponder about all of their failed love stories.

2) Blue Valentine

Yet another Ryan Gosling movie that is a non linear marriage exploration and shows you how it can deteriorate. Although it is an anti valentine movie, it is still emotional and has its moments between al of the bickering and the fighting.

1) Annie Hall

This has to be the granddaddy of all movie relationships and it is hilarious, very intellectual and shows that love in no way can be explained in a rational way.

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