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Top 10 animated Characters Who Became Real

Top 10 animated Characters Who Became Real

Feb 13, 2014

Animated and cartoon movies are sometimes too good that they are transformed into real movies. Of course, the makers usually approach the movie with a more sophisticated and an adult way so the movie can sit well with the adult audience. Here is a top 10 list for some of the most iconic animated movies and characters that were adopted into real live movies.

10) Maleficent:

Maleficent was released a while ago and it starred Angelina Jolie who has the facial structure and the attitude needed to play the role of a titular villain. She plays the character that has been in the middle of many childhood movies and nightmares. So if you are looking to enjoy a top notch fairy tale that is fun, exciting and grim, then Maleficent is what you are looking for.


9) Snow White and the Huntsman:

When we hear Snow White, we always think of the naïve beautiful girl who just spends time in the woods with the dwarves. The movie was nothing like the fairy tale as it only adopted its core story but it will filled with action and thriller. The movie starred Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewards as well as the Hunstman, Chris Hemswroth.

snow white

8) Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians

Who does not know Cruella De Vil, she is the black and white Villain of the 100 Dalmatians movie who wanted to capture all of the 101 Dalmatians so she can turn them into coats and bags. It was adopted into a big screen movie back in 1996 and it was a great hit that appealed to the animated movie fans.

7) Snake Eyes in G.I Joe:

Who does not love the mysterious Snake Eyes, the master of the sword of the G.I Joe Squad. The sword ninja who never talks. He was brought to the big screen in the blockbuster movie, G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra and he was like everything we imaged him to be, deadly, silent and a true killer with the sword. He also appeared in the sequel of the movie, Retaliation which starred the Rock (Dwayne Johnson).

Gi Joe

6) The Ninja Turtles:

Although, The Mutating Ninja Turtles was originally a comic book, it would not have been transformed into a movie if it wasn’t for the successful animated movie that became a great hit in the late 1980s. There was a sequel to the movie, but it was not as successful at the first one.


5) The Grinch who Hates Christmas

The Grinch is the most hated character during Christmas, do you wonder why, he is the person that tried to steal Christmas. He was played by Jim Carry who played the role of the Grinch who used to hate Christmas until he understood its true meaning. It was a fun movie that had its emotional moments. The movie was directed by John Howard and it did pretty well in the box office.


4) George of the Jungle:

George is the goofy version of Tarzan, a man who was raised in the jungle by the animals as one of their own. He became a very powerful but a naïve man who thinks that the world of the humans is as simple as the world of animals. His life is turned upside down when he meets the girl of his dreams who takes him to the big city.


3) Olive Oyl in Popeye:

Popeye the Sailor was a wonderful animated show that was adopted into a movie in 1980. Robin Williams played the role of Popeye and it was everything you could imagine, very energetic and over the top. The surprise was the actress who played Olive Oyl, Shelly Duval who was able to nail the role to perfection.

Olive Oyl

2) Optimus Prime in Transformers:

This has to be one of the most popular animated characters that made it to the big screen. The first Transformers movie was released and it took the world by storm which encouraged the makers of the film to make more Transformer movies. The last one is currently under development, it is called Transformers: Age of Extinction. Of course, he was not the only transformer as the movie featured other popular Transformers such as Bumble Bee and Megatron.


1) Shaggy in Scooby Doo

Matthew Lillard was the one chosen to play the role of Shaggy in the big screen adaptation of Scooby Doo and it was a great choice because who else can play such role.


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