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Top Ten Death Scenes in Movies

Top Ten Death Scenes in Movies

Feb 6, 2014

Great movies always come with great death scenes that usually come in the end. They can be the death of a hated villain and much to the surprise of the audience, it can be the death of the protagonist of the movie who gets a hero’s death. Here is a small list of the top 10 death scenes in movies in the last few years.

10) No Country for Old Men:

It is not about the death at the end of the movie but rather the death scene at the beginning of the movie that came as a shocker to the audience. It really set the tone for the rest of this modern classic movie and it portrayed the creepy and the dark soul that was displayed by Javier Bardem as he played the role of Anton.

no country for old men

9) Scream Epic Opening:

Scream, which is one of the most iconic horror movies of this previous generation and it really earned the hype that surrounded it. One of the best death scenes was in fact in the opening scene of the movie as the audience watched a terrified drew Barrymore as she tries to escape the deadly masked killer but fails and ends up dead in one of the most epic movie openings of all time.

8) Final Destination 1 Bus Scene:

This list will never be complete without Final Destination, which is a movie that includes nothing but death scenes. The most memorable death scene has to be the death scene where the character gets run over by a bus while talking in a surprising fashion that left the audiences in shock.

7) Die Hard:

It goes without saying that the death of Hans Gruber, the villain that was played by the talented Mr. Snape, I mean, Alan Rickman, as he falls from 30 floors and plummets to his death, has to be one of the top deaths for movie villains.

6) Snape’s Death in Harry Potter:

Although the death of Snape was not exactly gory or glorious, but after we all hated him for betraying the good guys, at the moment of his death, his tear allows us to know the true story behind his motives and the story of Harry Potter himself. What is more dramatic than a last tear that reveals the truth and his love for Harry Potter’s mother.

5) Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Arnie’s Sacrifice:

The sacrifice that the Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, has made in the end was his final selfless act which was epic and heart breaking. It was maybe the most emotional moment that you will ever see in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.


4) Dr. Strangelove:

It is a much older movie than the rest of the films in this list, but it is worth making the list. Nothing is more epic than a guy riding a bomb to his death, watch Kubrick in all of his genius and morbid splendor as Major Kong rides the bomb.

3) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring:

Everyone knows whose death I am talking about, it is Gandalf the Grey’s. Nothing says epic than a wizard facing a hellish demon breathing fire as he saves the rest of the gang. He tells them run you fools and he falls into the dark and fiery abyss as he fights the demon.

2) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King:

The death of the temporary king of Minas Tirith who goes crazy after he thinks his son has died and he runs and jumps while on fire from the top of the castle into the fighting armies, what a gruesome and an epic way to die.


1) 300:

As was mentioned in the begining, the death can be the death of the hero, which is the case with 300. In fact, in 300, the main villain, Xerxes did not die at the end, although, we are all hoping he meets his maker in the upcoming sequel 300: Rise of an Empire. As for the main protagonist of the movie, Leonides, he met his maker at the end with tens of arrows all over his body. What makes this death scene worthy of the first position is not only the glorious death, but the emotional performance by Gerard butler as he calls onto his queen, his wife and his love.

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