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What Did we Learn From This Year’s Super Bowl

What Did we Learn From This Year’s Super Bowl

Feb 28, 2014


We all watched the Super Bowl and we earn a lot from it, if you missed anything, here is a top 10 list of the OMG moments and the things that we learnt from the Super bowl.

10) Optimus Prime is a Prisoner:

We all watched with despair as everyone’s favorite transformer, Optimus Prime taking some damage at the opening shots of the new trailer of the new Transformer movie, Transformers: age of Extinction.  Not only that as he ends up being a prisoner for the Decepticons after the battle. Transformer fans don’t need to worry because that is how Transformer movies work, just like the Rock’s wrestling matches, they get beat up but then the tides change in their favor.


9) Optimus will Ride a Transformer T- Rex:

This was one of the crowning moments of the trailer, Optimus prime in all of his glory riding a humungous Transformer T-Rex and charging the enemy. This T-Rex has a name, the Grimlock, which all of us 80s kids will know about, he is the leader of the Dinobot Faction for the Autobots. He is one of the good guys, but in no way is he as noble as Optimus Prime.


8) Michael Bay will Stay Michael Bay:

Like boys will be boys, Michael Bay will always remain as himself, and this is why we like him. Frankly, who else would imagine an Autobot falling from the sky with a parachute firing giant sub machine guns. If you think about it, why does he need them and where the heck did he get them, but in reality it does not matter as long as it looks this cool, thanks Michael Bay.


7) Mark Walberg Tries to Save his Daughter:

We already knew he is going to star in the movie but it seems that his motivation is to rescue his daughter which is most likely kidnapped by the Decepticons, why did they do that, I guess we will have to watch the movie to find out. We also see him screaming, yelling and punching.


6) The Sinister Six:

Sony has announced that it is planning to expand the world of The Amazing Spider man by bringing some of the most popular villains, the Sinister Six. At last comic con, we found out that Electro will be the main villain but other promos showed us that there may be more villains such as Rhino and the Green Goblin. The trailer at the super bowl showed some sort of  Oscorp lair where there is 6 doors, most likely it indicates the beginning of the 6 villains.


5) Who are the Sinister Six:

While Norman Osborn was walking through the lab in the new trailer, we get to see two mechanical setups that belong apparently to Octopus and Vulture. We know that Sony is working on a sinister 6 movie so it seems that this is our first look into what these villains will look like.

Spider man

4) The Winter Soldier is a Bada**:

The New trailer for the new Captain American movie really showed us what we can expect from the titular Villain, the Winter solider. He is fast, strong, powerful and has a killer metal arm. In short, he is a complete bada** that will give Captain America a run for his money.

winter solider

3) Jon Snow knows what’s up:

Kit Harington, the actor who played the role of Jon Snow in HBO’s Game of Throne stars in the new movie Pompeii and he is jacked with killer abs. It seems that he has embraced a sex symbol statues, I bet the women just hope it is not just CGI.


2) Scarlett Johansson is a Power to be reckoned:

None of the movies that we saw during the Super Bowl featured any females except Scarlett Johansson. Of course they did feature the female stars but none of them got in on the action as they were mostly being saved by the boys which were not the case with Scarlett Johansson, or should we say, Black Widow.


1) The Falcon’s Rig is Pretty Cool:

During the trailer of Captain America: The Winter soldier, we get to see a glimpse of the Falcon Rig of Anthony Mackie and it looked fantastic. It has mechanical wings and a jetpack that enables him to fly.


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