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Why are Explainer Videos and Web Commercials Effective?

Why are Explainer Videos and Web Commercials Effective?

Jan 15, 2014

Explainer Videos are becoming an ongoing trend and many web commercials and companies are using them. There are plenty of reasons behind that, on top of them is the fact that it has become very hard to grab and hold the attention of online users to one specific area on the internet, because it is not like Television, as they can just click on something else or just scroll away. According to reports, online users have an attention span that is equal 8 seconds, in this short span, if the internet user is not interested in what he is seeing, he will leave it and search for it somewhere else.

This is why explainer videos are quite effective because they are far more interesting than the traditional textual commercials because let’s think about it, would you rather watch an entertaining video that conveys a message or read that exact same message in text.

Explainer videos are basic videos that use textual data and audio in order to form an animated movie. These videos are usually two minutes long, give or take a few seconds. During these minutes, they will present the business information or the product description in a very simplified way that will interest the viewers and encourage them to watch the commercial to the end. They will also answer the questions that the targeted audience will have regarding the company or the product at hand. These videos can be delivered to their targeted audience through a wide array of different internet platforms such as networking sites, newsletters, blogs and emails.

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