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Will “The Ring” Series See A Third Movie?

Will “The Ring” Series See A Third Movie?

Jan 28, 2016

In the year 2002, an American version of a Japanese horror film was released. Based off the movie Ringu, The Ring is a horror / psychological thriller about a VHS tape with a curse attached to it. Anyone who dares to view the tape’s footage would undoubtedly die exactly one week later. It is rumored that exactly seven days after viewing the tape, the ghost of a small girl will appear on the television screen and steal the life of the viewer. A local journalist named Rachel Keller (played by Naomi Watts) takes it upon herself to unravel the mystery of the tape when several teenagers of the town, including one of Rachel’s loved ones, were found to have caught the bait and fallen victim to the dreadful curse. Unfortunately, Rachel has to watch the tape in order to get a lead in her investigation, making herself and her son a target for the ghost. She has exactly seven days to stop the curse before the race ends and her life is taken.

The Ring was a hit among horror film fans in America. This resulted in the release of The Ring Two – a continuance of the investigation. With help from Rachel’s new friend, Sam, she hoped to successfully bring this case to a close once and for all. Rachel has confirmed that the ghost is a small girl named Samara, who was murdered by her parents long ago. Rachel’s seven days have come and gone, meaning she is bound to be hunted at any moment. In The Ring Two, dark details of Samara’s life and the tape’s background are discovered.

It seemed that The Ring Two brought the story of Samara’s haunting to an end, but rumors are spreading around the internet of a third movie. What more is there to add to the story? According to the seemingly incomplete imdb.com profile of “Rings” (also referred to as The Ring Three and Rings 3D), Naomi Watts will not be returning to the screen as Rachel. Samara will be played by a much older actress than in the previous two movies, and a couple release dates are floating around the web. The trailer said “2015”, but that obviously didn’t happen. Will the story be dragged on, or was this a failed project?

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