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Writing, Art and Film

Writing, Art and Film

Some people view all films as art and some do not, which ignites a very important question. When can we consider a film a piece of art? For a movie to be looked upon as a piece of art, it has to qualify and reach specific standards. For example, very few would not agree that Un Chien Andalou is a piece of art and on the other hand, a lot would not say the same about the Hollywood blockbusters movies or TV melodramas.

The question still remains, what does a movie have to do in order to be a film art. Some restrict such label to the European art house movies, video installation and avant garde cinema while others prefer to expand the category so that it would include movies that are dedicated to a wide audience. This includes the masterworks of Mario Bava, the western movies of Sergio Leone and Anthony Mann’s movies.

There is another view of the matter that states that there is no boundary that separates between movies that are art and movies that are not. Instead, this view states that there are movies that are simply better than others are or of higher art but they are all considered art. These people tend to avoid abiding by the different theories and the definitions of art. This is because such theories and definitions can be quite restrictive which would prevent them from classifying and considering certain movies as art masterpieces.

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