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Zoolander 2 — A Cult Classic Making A Comback!

Zoolander 2 — A Cult Classic Making A Comback!

Jan 23, 2016

Actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are back – making a second appearance in theaters as Derek Zoolander and Hansel. Brought by Paramount Pictures is the comedy hit of two male models, once sworn enemies, joining forces in Zoolander 2 to save the lives of their fellow “beautiful people” as well as their reputations in the modeling world.

The prequel to Zoolander 2, simply known as Zoolander, released September 28, 2001. When Zoolander’s career begins to plummet, he becomes manipulated and tricked into changing jobs from a world-known fashion inspiration to assassin of Malaysia’s Prime Minister. As events unfold, Zoolander and Hansel discover that once the two boys put their competitive attitudes and personal differences aside, they make a dazzling, butt-kicking duo. Starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, with support roles played by Will Ferrell and Christine Taylor, the cast list of Zoolander features faces that any humor-loving, film viewer would recognize. This stays true throughout the second film. Zoolander 2 is blessed to have many of these same actors and actresses, with a few extra famous faces. While Donald Trump nor Milla Jovovich expected to make a second appearance, pop stars Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato will happily have a few lines to memorize for the film.

It is no surprise that Ben Stiller is starring in a sequel – his acting career is filled with “second” and “third” movies. Meet the Parents was released in October, 2000, followed by Meet the Fockers in 2004. A more family-friendly piece of Stiller’s career released in December, 2006 under the name Night at the Museum. Night at the Museum 2 came out in 2009. The two Night at the Museum movies were such box office hits that director Shawn Levy put together Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb in 2014.

If “slapstick” or “satire” are words that describe what makes you burst with laughter, expect to be purchasing a movie ticket in the near future. Zoolander 2 has yet to receive a rating from the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA), but it is scheduled to hit theaters on February 12, 2016.

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